Scholarship Applications Are Now Closed.

Almost 200 scholarships have now been offered from a pool of over 3,000 applications. Of the recipients 55% are female, 40% are presenting abstracts at the conference, 11% are from community organizations, and 4% are media representatives. Over 60% of recipients are from either Africa or the Asia and Pacific Island regions, 20% are from Latin America and the remaining are from either Europe or North America.

Scholarship FAQ
What are the criteria for the scholarship programme?

What support does the scholarship provide?

I am not submitting an abstract for the conference; can I still apply for a scholarship?

The conference organizers are committed to making the conference accessible to scientists and clinicians from developing countries, and to young scientists (e.g. doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows) and young clinicians globally. A limited number of community scholarships will be allocated to treatment and/or prevention advocates.

The selection criteria for the scholarship programme will be determined by the Conference Organizing Committee.

Scholarships can be full (include registration, air travel, accommodation and a small living allowance) or partial (a combination of the above).

For IAS 2005, more than 1,800 scholarship applications were received and approximately 200 scholarships were awarded. We expect competition for scholarships for the 4th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention to be even greater.

Scholarship applications are closed.

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