VigRX® Delay Spray review / Test - Dangerous Rip-off?

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VigRX(R) Delay spray is a product specifically designed to help men prolong their orgasm. This is an easy-to-use spray that works in 10 minutes. You can extend your pleasure and finally enjoy the sex life you've been dreaming about for a long time.

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Many men have already achieved this goal thanks to VigRX(R) Delay spray. That's why you should do the reviews now. Now you can get VigRX(R) Delay spray cheap and discreet and even buy on request.

Please note: For safety reasons, you should only purchase the product from the original manufacturer. Otherwise, the danger of receiving a counterfeit product is too great.
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Most men know the problem. During sex you come much too fast and can hardly enjoy the pleasure. Also the partner does not come fully to the benefit and one wishes itself that one could delay the own orgasm, in order to arrange the experience for itself and for the partner more intensively. Many men even feel ashamed by the rapid ejaculation and become nervous and unfocused. This can quickly lead to various sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction caused by the pressure the man is under. The manufacturers of VigRX Delay spray have long recognized this problem and have been thoroughly looking for a solution. This is how the VigRX(R) Delay spray finally came into being, which is practical and discreet and can unfold its effect quickly. Try this product now and see for yourself. Long lasting, fulfilling sex can also be a piece of cake for you. VigRX Delay spray is today the best-kept secret of men who succeed with women.

The effect of VigRX(R) Delay spray

VigRX(R) Delay spray's effect is absolutely reliable and easy to explain. This product uses a light anaesthetic that penetrates the subcutaneous layers of the penis. This makes the nerves a little less sensitive to the stimulation. In a way, you're making your penis understand that it should take a little more time. So you can control your ejaculation perfectly and only allow your orgasm when you have completely satisfied your partner. You take control and decide when you want to ejaculate.

What is VigRX(R) Delay spray?

This product is a Spray which is offered in a dosage bottle. It contains a light anaesthetic that allows you to control your orgasm in a simple and reliable way.

What are the ingredients of VigRX(R) Delay spray?

The main ingredient of VigRX(R) Delay spray is benzocaine, a mild narcotic. This will dampen the arousal a little and the orgasm can be delayed. The sodium channels of the cells are blocked so that the transmission of stimuli is slower. These ingredients in themselves are not new as they have been used for several years in special condoms designed to serve the same purpose. However, this new spray can be dosed more precisely and is designed to produce an infallible effect. Many men have already confirmed it: VigRX(R) Delay spray really works.

Is there side effects?

Benzocaine is only used in very small amounts on the spray, so Side effects will hardly occur when you use this product. However, it is possible that an allergic reaction may occur, which can lead to redness and warming of the skin and possibly also to the formation of pustules. If you frequently suffer from allergies, you should first carry out an allergy test on another part of the skin. Those who do not suffer from an allergy to benzocaine can usually tolerate the product excellently.

How does the application from VigRX(R) Delay spray work?

The use of VigRX(R) Delay spray is very simple. It is sprayed only on the glans of the penis. Then all you have to do is wait a few more minutes for the effect to set in. Many men who have already made the reviews themselves give the product a good Evaluation and always have a bottle of VigRX(R) Delay spray ready to hand on the bedside table.

How the dosage of VigRX(R) Delay spray works

The dosage can be easily controlled with this product. It is recommended to first spray a short dosage shot from the bottle onto the glans of the penis zi. If necessary, you can also spray twice. When you start using the product, you should spray first. If you then want to increase the results even further, you can use the spray a second time.

The taking from VigRX(R) Delay spray

A big advantage of VigRX(R) Delay spray is the fact that no taking is necessary. The spray is only used for the external application. This also makes it easier to avoid unwanted effects and the product acts quickly.

Successes with VigRX(R) Delay spray

Similar to the products PhenQ, Penimaster, Phallosan Forte, Phen375 and Prosolution, VigRX(R) Delay spray also features excellent successes. Your arousal is reliably restrained, so that you can last longer during sex. You take control and can control your orgasm. Many men have awarded this product excellent ratings.

Does VigRX(R) Delay spray really work?

There's no doubt about it. VigRX(R) Delay spray really works. The experience of numerous men confirm this. Also in the review you can read how VigRX(R) Delay spray works and that this product is absolutely reliable.

Results with VigRX(R) Delay spray

The results with VigRX(R) Delay spray can be summarized quickly. You can control your ejaculation. This will give you a longer pleasure during sex and also your partner will be satisfied. VigRX(R) Delay spray brings new life to your bedroom.

Before After After Pictures with VigRX(R) Delay spray

For a product like VigRX(R) Delay spray there are of course no before-after pictures with which you can quickly clarify the results. In this case, however, the satisfied comments of countless men speak a language that is as clear as a picture.

Which VigRX(R) Delay spray reviews and User reviews are there?

On the manufacturer website you can find many User reviews from real customers. results by studies on the main active substance studiesocaine are also available and can also be found in the relevant literature. In the customer reviews it is also always positive rated that you do not have to buy VigRX(R) Delay spray at amazon or pharmacy. Rather, the product can be obtained completely discreetly from our website.

Studies to VigRX(R) Delay spray - Which evaluation is there?

All tests carried out on VigRX(R) Delay spray and its active ingredient benzocaine showed positive results. The ejaculation can be reliably slowed and delayed, with this product you can clearly enjoy sex longer.

Is VigRX(R) Delay spray a fake?

Like PhenQ, Penimaster, Phallosan Forte, Phen375 and Prosolution, VigRX(R) Delay spray is a product from a renowned manufacturer that has been tried and tested many times. It's clearly not a fake. However, you should always purchase the product on our website where, unlike amazon and the pharmacy, you are guaranteed to receive the original product.

What is discussed about VigRX(R) Delay spray in the forum?

People want to know in the forum: What is VigRX(R) Delay spray. Many users report the positive experience they have already done with the spray. Often a review can also be found.

Where to buy VigRX(R) Delay spray buy?

VigRX(R) Delay spray you can get cheap on our website and on request also on invoice order.

The price from VigRX(R) Delay spray

The Starter Package, which lasts for about one month, is available for a price of less than 50 Euro.

price comparison

Make a price comparison. If you buy several bottles of VigRX(R) Delay spray at the same time, the cost per unit will be significantly lower.

Please note: For safety reasons, you should only purchase the product from the original manufacturer. Otherwise, the danger of receiving a counterfeit product is too great.
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If you want VigRX(R) Delay spray order, you should read this information carefully first. So you know the characteristics of the sprays and won't be disappointed with your purchase. With VigRX(R) Delay spray you can significantly improve your sex life, as many men have done. That's why you shouldn't wait any longer to place your order.

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