Education Programme

Current Research and Translational Research Issues in Basic, Clinical and Prevention Science

In conjunction with IAS 2007 the International AIDS Society, in partnership with the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM), is delivering an education programme on Current Research and Translational Research Issues in Basic, Clinical and Prevention Science.

The programme is for pre- and post-doctoral students and junior faculty to build their skills and knowledge of critical research questions and translational research issues. The programme will help participants build clear and meaningful pathways for involvement in the conference and includes:

  • An online networking platform accessible from May until October and enable participants to build networks and access links and resources. This will help participants to prepare for the meetings and conference, and support the maintenance of networks and application of learning from the meetings and conference.
  • A full day seminar on Friday, 20 July will include plenary presentations and smaller cross-disciplinary discussions related to the three major scientific tracks of the conference. Modules will be presented by a faculty of experts from each of the three conference tracks. The seminar will be linked with relevant abstract and non-abstract sessions and provide information and a ‘road-map’ to assist participants in IAS 2007. Participants will also be able to offered skill-building workshops on writing for publication and grant proposal writing.
  • Daily debriefs will be hosted on each day of the IAS 2007 conference. This will be an opportunity to clarify learning from conference sessions.

There is no cost for participation in the IAS 2007 Education Programme, but you must apply to be considered. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available to deserving applicants who would be unable to attend without support. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek other sources of funding to attend the IAS 2007 Education Programme and the IAS 2007. The Education Programme funding is sufficient to support only a limited number of participants to attend.

Apply to participate in the programme via your conference profile.

Important Dates

9 April: Applications Close for IAS 2007 Education Programme

April: Applications reviewed Early May Notifications sent to applicants and Online Networking Platform opens.

20 July: IAS 2007 Education Programme Seminar: Current Research and Translational Research Issues in Basic, Clinical and Prevention Science

21 July: The Australasian Society for HIV Medicine is conducting a seminar on Translating Basic HIV Immunology into Novel Interventions. If you are interested in participating please visit their website

22 – 25 July: 4th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention (IAS 2007)

October: Online Networking Platform closes.

Click here to download the Programme Curriculum